It's the Timing. It's the Tone.

Heya my friend, 

Here we are, it has been awhile!  Apologies for the gap. I'm still here. 

Creating music. 

I promise you the timing will be worth it.  The tone will be right.  Not always by my first…

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Four Places Release Day!

Hi my friend, 

I confess, I really struggle to ask for help; anything from carrying guitars and gear to mental or physical challenges.  It's a battle.  So, I'm going outside my comfort zone to ask for your help! 

Today is…

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Announcement: Four Places to be released next month!

Dear friends, 

How are your hearts?? 

I've had this draft letter sat here since the start of February, and it has been re-written and not finished several times now.  All that to say, I've been thinking of you. 


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Can You See In The Dark?

Happy New Year, welcome to 2021! 

I meant to write to you all on the Solstice, and it passed by.  Then came and went Christmas.  Now it is the first day of a new calendar year, so I'm not letting…

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Wandering Solstice 2020

I don't have any photos for you. Or little videos. Or memes. Just wandering thoughts. I was going to write about distance running, an essay I started in my head whilst driving through the winding peak district yesterday. But today…

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Waking Up...

Hello my friends, 

This morning I woke at 4am, and got hit by a wave. Two, really.  One was that I really, really, really missed hugging my friends.  I really wanted so badly to be able to hug them.  It…

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Icelandic Song Release!

Hello my friends, 

Have you been to Iceland?? 
My first and only Iceland adventure was a few years ago, and I absolutely fell in love with the place.  I have a thing for islands.  Volcanic, stark, dramatic, captivating. 

I've been…

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Fall Away REMIX

My dearest friends, 

Thank you so much for joining me in my dining room again this past weekend!! 
I was excited to share with you that Andy Lowe has remixed Fall Away and it is now online!! 

Go listen via…

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Live From the Dining Room...

My dearest friends, 

Thank you so much for joining me in my dining room a few weeks ago!! 
I meant to play for you more often since then. 
There are so very many things I mean to do. 

Who is…

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May Comfort and Joy Find You


Are you ready for Christmas?  People keep asking me this question lately.   My heart is ready, though logistics are so not ready!!  

The best part of the frenzy is connecting with so many people.  It’s my favourite…

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