Notes from Aerynn: Fall Away Release Concert!

I just woke up from a cat nap after a several hour hike through amazing bluebell-carpeted forest, a cavern-like crevice called Lud's Church, and rolling hillsides under blue skies.  I'm feeling so thankful for the warm climate and sunshine this weekend!  Now I'm settled in for the evening for a session getting my new website cracking along, and finishing up artwork for Fall Away! 

Leek Arts Festival--May 18th is quickly approaching, and I'm truly excited for my trio's first full evening concert at Foxlowe Arts Centre as part of Leek Arts Festival 2018!!  Will you be there?  I'll be giving free download cards as a thank you for being part of the audience, and some photography and filming will be going on as well.  You won't want to miss what Heidi and Chris add to my music with electric fiddle, upright bass and loads of talent; the rehearsals are giving my songs a new glow!  Tickets are £7 and you can get them at 

Single release--Fall Away is my only studio recording of original capturing Riverboat Steve's piano accompaniment.  This makes it pretty special to me.  In addition to Steve, the track also features Natalia "Saw Lady" Peruz, and bassist Christopher Cliff (yes, the same one joining me for Leek Arts!!).  It will be released the same week as the release concert.  HOWEVER, you can catch a preview of Fall Away on Tuesday May 8th, on the Artistic Echoes Show from 10pm UK time, Canalside Radio 102.8FM for locals, and for those further afield.  I'll be a guest on the show playing a few acoustic songs in the studio, and having a chat with host Mike Chisholm who also happens to be a talented spoken word artist!

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