Notes from Aerynn: Returning

Last September I played what would turn out to be my last gig with Steve. 

The venue-- The Button Warehouse.  A vegan cafe, hosting sometimes-evening events with live music, and on the night we played, Spanish tapas.  I met new friends, enjoyed delicious food, and most importantly played music with my buddy. 

Tomorrow I'm returning to play there again.  The Boho Bar now stands in the stage area, a hip cocktail bar launched by my friends Andy and Gemma, and a lovely complement the daytime Button Warehouse.  A space transformed.  How have we all grown in the past year?  How we have all grown. 
 I tend to balk at change before I embrace it.  Spaces, people, circumstances.  But I'm embracing it.  All of it. 

Though I'm not yet sure where I'll fit the piano, it will be coming with me, and we can all suffer through my substandard piano accompaniment together, wishing Steve were there to fill in the gaps in my guitar work as well.    Thank you to those who can make it.

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