Notes from Aerynn: Analog in a digital world!

My dear friends, 

Lately I've been thinking a lot about technology as my computer is still broken!   I'm sat out in my beautiful garden in the sun, dismissing low battery notifications while I attempt to compose you a newsletter on my little phone.   There's got to be a metaphor in there somewhere.  

How do you music?  In a world full of digital downloads and Spotify (hey did you know Summer Leaves, Fall Away, and the Christmas album are on Spotify?), is there value in live music?  I truly believe something magical happens during a live show that can't really be replicated on a studio recording.  Sound engineers have had to come up with loads of ways to make music more interesting, to compensate for the lack of live sparkle!  Live shows create the opportunity for a journey of musician and audience together, a true exchange.  On Saturday June 30th, I'm playing a set in support of singer-songwriter Chris Milner at The Silklife Centre, in Macclesfield (behind The Snowgoose).  Won't you join us on the journey?  All ages welcome, this will be a nice change-up from the pub scene.  The following Saturday July 7th, Heidi will join me on fiddle for the Manchester Americana Festival!  

Single release--Fall Away is now available! If you missed out on the free downloads at Leek Arts, the track is now available on my newly refurbished (and still under construction) website at as well as all the usual places (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc)!   
If you bought tickets to Leek but couldn't make it, I'd love to give you your free download!  Just drop me an email and I'll send you a link and password.  

As an independent artist, I truly appreciate every one of You partnering with me to bring the gift of music to others!  Every single "share", "like", "comment" from you all are invaluable in helping me get the word out there.  Thank you.   

In partnership to bring a soundtrack to your life, 

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