Live From the Dining Room...

My dearest friends, 

Thank you so much for joining me in my dining room a few weeks ago!! 
I meant to play for you more often since then. 
There are so very many things I mean to do. 

Who is up for a cocktail session over this Easter weekend?  Or for my friends/fam in my homeland of the Pacific Northwest, a morning coffee??  A quick half hour or so?? 

Let's connect! 

My next online music session will take place on Saturday, 11-Apr, at 17:30 GMT (9:30 PST), from my dining room, via Facebook Live, on  Have your coffee/cocktail/mocktail ready!! 

This is interactive.  Please comment, wave, etc and I'll do my best to reply!  It should also be viewable later on, for those of you who are in faraway time zones. 

Is Facebook Live a good platform for you? Should we start a Facebook Group?  Would YouTube be better?  Instagram? 
What time zone are you in? 

A few weeks into this isolation, how are your home adventures panning out?  Or are you still working as part of the necessary workers list? 
I've gradually settled into getting my students online for their singing, guitar and piano lessons.  Providing music for online church services has been an interesting and fun challenge.  Finding motivation to actually record and write?  I've had even more challenge there.  My head just hasn't been in it.  This next week, I was supposed to be going into the studio at Edge to work with a producer and get some of them recorded.  Strange. 

So many lyrics that I've written seem so applicable already. 

Turn around and be a lighthouse in the dark... 
I won't let you fall away... 
Even darkness is not dark to you... 
As angels lay bodies piled high by your side... 
Lock me in my room at midnight with only a pen and my guitar... 

All from different, unreleased songs! 

Do you ever find you've created art in the past, without knowing what it was really about? 
Suddenly a moment arrives where your art settles into its purpose? 
Time to switch on the record button, Aerynn. 

But first, i'll switch on the "Live" button. 
See you Saturday! 

Thank you for every hello, compliment, smile, or sing along at a gig, or even the "like" or "share" on social media.  It all means the world to me that the music is reaching you. 

In partnership to bring the music, 

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