Four Places Release Day!

Hi my friend, 

I confess, I really struggle to ask for help; anything from carrying guitars and gear to mental or physical challenges.  It's a battle.  So, I'm going outside my comfort zone to ask for your help! 

Today is release day!  Have you heard Four Places yet? 

If you have, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!  Creating music is what I do.  It's the way I can one day leave this earth with hopefully a few people feeling less alone, having heard some song I made that resonated at the right frequency in the hollow places. 

Therefore, for more people to hear it, would you be willing to stream it on Spotify, my friend?  Preferably many times in this first week?  Or whichever platform is the one you use most?  Just search for Aerynn Four Places. 
Four Places Spotify 
If Spotify notices lots of attention for a new release, this increases the likelihood that it gets picked up for an official Spotify Playlist, which means many more people could hear the song!  It's math! 

Lost/Found Hearts 

Are you still with me? If so, this is the extra FUN part! 

On my live stream last weekend, I shared my vision for all of us to take part in creating a 'video' for Four Places.  Have you heard of 'Found art'?  I'd love your help in collecting 'Found hearts'!!! 

While going about your life, if you see a heart somewhere (a leaf?  a cloud passing? a weird stain on the pavement?), would you please take a pic and either share it to my social media, or email it to me? 

Share it to or tag me on Instagram @aerynnmusic 

Intentional hearts are also fine-- the heart drawn in the sand, or shaped by hands. 
I'd truly love to know where you took the photo, and if it has any significance to you. 

If you've heard Four Places, this will make sense.  We will be creating a video project with your heart, and hearts from all over the world, for the music video.  Please try to get your heart to me by the end of April, I can't wait to create a community of hearts and I would love for you to be part of it. 

Thank you in advance for your hearts! 
With love and light, 


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