Watch Performance and Interview with "From The Mic Stand" by Artistic Echoes

Hi my friend, 

What a dynamic week!!  Snow, sleet, hail, sun, torrential rain, blustery wind, rainbows.. you name it, we've had it. 

A couple weeks ago it was beautifully mild and warm, and I recorded this sunny session with Artistic Echoes’ From The Mic Stand on YouTube!   It's about 20 minutes of music, including a special cover tune for Earth Day.  Watch here:

After recording the live set, Mike and I did a 10 min From The Mic Stand Interview chatting about quirky venues, what I'm up to in the studio, songwriting and more!  Watch here:

We had a great time catching up, and Mike mentioned it was the first live music he has heard since around Christmas time, so it was a special little moment. 

A group called Friends of Victoria Park have since been in touch, and we are hoping it will be allowed for us to have a live audience next time! 

In what spaces do you envision listening to live music this year??  What is the most interesting or favourite venue you've been to? 

Thank you for watching, sharing, and walking this road with me! 
With love and light, 


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