Notes from Aerynn: Conservation of energy; give and receive.

Dear friends,

This past weekend, instead of performing, I sat in 4 different audiences.  I intended 5 but crashed on the last evening!  The shows were all extremely different in venue, artistic style and reach.  What is it that makes or breaks a live music experience for you as an audience member? 

Watching the audiences respond was a big part of my evenings out.  It was amazing to see a physical gesture such as the simple raise of an arm, or a step toward the audience gaining quite a response, where perhaps a musical expression went less noticed.  Connection.  It is vital, is it not? 

As energy moved between the performers and the audience members and back again, a cycle of giving and receiving, I wondered, do I give enough? 

I aim to show up 150% to every show, whether there are 3 people or 300, or, looking forward, 3000.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you who showed up to experience this musical exchange at one of my shows this past month. 

This Friday, I'm joining my dear friend and fellow American Helen Walford at the Leek Blues & Americana Festival.  Helen's hospitality and warmth put audiences and musicians at ease and   Helen will kick off the evening with some solo material, and I may sit in for some harmonies, eventually coalescing into a unique experience of song, story, and "in conversation" that you don't want to miss!! 

We all provide value.  What is it that you are giving to the world, and do you step across the line to receive from time to time? 

As an independent artist, I truly appreciate every one of You partnering with me to bring the gift of music to others!  Every single "share", "like", "comment" from you all are invaluable in helping songs reach people.  Thank you. 

See you out there! 

In partnership, 

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