Fall Away REMIX

My dearest friends, 

Thank you so much for joining me in my dining room again this past weekend!! 
I was excited to share with you that Andy Lowe has remixed Fall Away and it is now online!! 

Go listen via Spotify, on either of our profiles: 



I wrote Fall Away a few years ago, inspired by the women of Starfish Project, a non-profit in Asia which enables women to leave exploitative situations and provides them with hope and a means to sustainably improve their lives.  They were running a fundraising campaign to expand their services, so in addition to writing this track, I did some busking to raise a few $$ for them and get the word out. 

Last year, I met Andy Lowe through mutual friends and a collective of faith-inspired artists.  He invited me to perform at the Devoted Festival and we thought it would be fun to collaborate on something at some point.  His artistic expression involves rearranging previously recorded tracks into an electronic interpretation-- his version of Fall Away is an ethereal down-tempo chill electronica track, and I hope you enjoy it! 

Andy and I have provided the track free of charge, but if you feel so moved by the track, please consider donating to Starfish Project. 

Alternatively, you can arrange to transfer a donation to Andy or myself, and we will contribute your donation to a cause which enables marginalised women to rise above their circumstances.  My PayPal account is aerynn.music@gmail.com. 

Especially in the current times in which we find ourselves, we all need to know there is someone out there who won't let us fall away. 

Permit yourself to reach out in any direction (upward, outward, downward)... 

Love and light, 

P.S. For those of you who missed the Live from my Dining Room sessions, I've left the videos up on my Facebook page, and it makes a good backdrop for whatever DIY project you've got going, or that late afternoon chill in the back garden: 

Is Facebook Live a good platform for you? Should we start a Facebook Group?  Would YouTube be better?  Instagram? 
What time zone would you like me to perform for? 

Thank you for every hello, compliment, smile, or sing along at a gig, or even the "like" or "share" on social media.  It all means the world to me that the music is reaching you.

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