Icelandic Song Release!

Hello my friends, 

Have you been to Iceland?? 
My first and only Iceland adventure was a few years ago, and I absolutely fell in love with the place.  I have a thing for islands.  Volcanic, stark, dramatic, captivating. 

I've been collaborating with an Icelandic songwriter, Gunnar Ingi Gudmundsonn, who wanted an English speaking lyricist for his melodies.  It has been an intermittent and occasional collaboration, which has now landed our songwriting duo on the radio with a song entitled 'Carolyn'! 

Recorded by The Voice Island competitor Arnar Dor (pictured above), Carolyn, has reached over 20,000 listeners on Channel 2 of the national radio of Iceland, RUV Ras2, for a debut and multiple subsequent plays, along with being playlisted on independent radio stations. 

It was entertaining hearing my name announced on Icelandic radio as a songwriter as we streamed the debut online from the UK.  I couldn't understand any of the rest of the introduction aside from the names!  Please pray, cross your fingers and toes, send happy thoughts for being added to a playlist rota on Ras2! 

PLEASE have a listen on Spotify, as we now have over 2000 streams, and are on a few playlists!  Like the track, add it to a list, or share it by clicking the three dots and selecting the 'copy link' option. 

Listen to Carolyn: 

Even if it's not your thing stylistically, we so appreciate your support!  We've still got a lot of work to do in terms of English pronunciation (and randomly changing my lyrics to things that don't make sense!) but we've learned a lot as a team, and have a couple more songs to lay down soon in the studio. 

Writing songs that I'm not singing has been an interesting and humbling exercise!  Gunnar is a patient, kind, curious and committed collaborator who I met on a Facebook group on the theme of songwriting competitions a couple of years ago.  He has done a fair bit of coursework through Berklee Online learning programs, and is a pleasure to work with.  I'm so thankful for his persistence in my distraction. 

Thank you for all of your support, or in Icelandic, Takk takk!! 


Listen to Carolyn:

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