It's the Timing. It's the Tone.

Heya my friend, 

Here we are, it has been awhile!  Apologies for the gap. I'm still here. 

Creating music. 

I promise you the timing will be worth it.  The tone will be right.  Not always by my first choice, but by life's twisted path and the twining of collaboration. 

Last week I fell down my stairs, and so, I cannot physically go upstairs to my studio to work on the backing vocals that need recording! 

Deadlines are adjusted. 
Expectations softened. 

Instead, I have time to write to you. 

Some albums do take years.  One time I did go to the studio and record an album in a day.   EP Summer Leaves is comprised of live recordings featuring my amazing dad on upright bass, captured and mixed in a few hours in the Oregon countryside. 

In case you missed my announcement on social media earlier this month, Kelly from the Sip-n-Stream Show (an online podcast/radio show) asked to air 'All I Need'  from my EP Summer Leaves.  My 'spot' includes a little intro video (truly I MUST do an outtakes reel of these!!) and of course their kind compliments on the song. 
You might recall that they also aired Four Places when it was released a couple of months ago. 

Please go support them (and me!) with a replay, and have a chance to revisit All I Need! 

My spot is at 0:26 in, but if you have time, do check out some of the other musicians on this show!! 

I wrote All I Need in 2008. 
It was a time of healing, discovery, hermitage, testing waters, balancing contentment in the mundane with knowing there is more out there. 

Seeking, and stopping, and seeking again. 

I hope you find something in this song. 
In the timing. 
Or in the tone. 
It's all a true story, from my life.  Personal and gritty. 

As ever, thank you for your support and encouragement! 
With love and light, 


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