May Comfort and Joy Find You


Are you ready for Christmas?  People keep asking me this question lately.   My heart is ready, though logistics are so not ready!!  

The best part of the frenzy is connecting with so many people.  It’s my favourite thing about this season; about life, really, even as it is the same thing that at times sends me running for cover to hide in a people-free zone.   

People inspire me.  You inspire me. 

I wanted to get you this sooner, but if you are like me and have been so busy making meaningful connections to actually find any gifts, please know there is a 25% off discount code waiting for You at which can be used toward anything on the site, to help you out. 

May I suggest that a Sleep In Heavenly Peace CD might be a nice gift for that person who you aren’t sure what to get?   

Just type AERYNNVIP into the code box at checkout to claim your discount for being a member of this team!   

As a reminder, a portion of my proceeds from Sleep In Heavenly Peace goes to charities designated by Riverboat Steve’s family, after covering production cost, as well as what would have been Steve’s half going to his family.   

To get the CDs shipped to you by Christmas, you need to order now! 

 If you are in Macclesfield, you can also purchase them at local businesses:  
No Place Like Home 
The Hope Centre 
The Button Warehouse Cafe Bar 

Wherever you are, know you are not alone this season or any season, you are part of something bigger.   
This year has brought both achieved goals and some left unachieved, but certainly plenty of thankfulness for you all being in my corner. 

As an independent artist, I truly appreciate every one of You partnering with me to bring the gift of music to others, at this time of year and the year around.  Every single "share", "like", "comment" from you all are invaluable in helping songs reach people.  Thank you.   

See you out there! 

In partnership, 

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