Notes from Aerynn: Each little moment matters...

My dear friends, 

Yesterday I heard geese travelling southward over our home, and over the past week I've noticed more than one squirrel in a hurry.  As we are feeling the brisk morning air and watching our sunset slide further south each day, I'm feeling that harvest season instinct to get some stuff done and soon!   

What are you squirrelling away this autumn?   
Will it be done in time for winter?   
Is it too early to think about?  It's certainly not too late.   

Our little social group has lost *another* beautiful human being recently, reminding me yet again that each little moment matters; that we are all pieces of a bigger picture, that we have a limited-time opportunity to leave something of ourselves through our impact in the lives of others.   

Early this year, we were able to make donations to Arthritis Research UK in memory of my amazing co-musician Riverboat Steve from a portion of profits from Sleep In Heavenly Peace CD, and as the festive season approaches, stay tuned for limited edition re-release of this seasonal album-- 
Even if you already have one, CDs make great gifts!  I'd love to be able to keep giving each year from Sleep In Heavenly Peace. 

A heart-felt thanks to all who came out to The Button Warehouse in July.  I met some lovely new friends, and felt surrounded by an amazing group of music-lovers!   

As an independent artist, I truly appreciate every one of You partnering with me to bring the gift of music to others!  Every single "share", "like", "comment" from you all are invaluable in helping me get the word out there.  Thank you.   

In partnership, 

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