Waking Up...

Hello my friends, 

This morning I woke at 4am, and got hit by a wave. Two, really.  One was that I really, really, really missed hugging my friends.  I really wanted so badly to be able to hug them.  It hadn't hit me this hard.  Seven month delay, apparently. 

Two was the weight of what is happening to my beloved industry, and the way of life for musicians changing for the foreseeable has finally landed on my heart. 

For the first time in this pandemic, I long SO hard to go to the pub, to run into friends, to hug them, to witness and be audience to live music, to share my music with live audience, to give, to receive, to exchange. 

In July I stepped back from social media as I felt it was taking more time and energy than I wanted it to.  However, I think in-so-doing I also lost connection to you, and to many others.  Gradually, I’ve been dipping my toe in again.  Not yet posting, but commenting, liking, and reading.  Witnessing lives. 

I hoped to have so much more recording done for you by now.  I’m thrilled that I’ve got another song completely recorded but not released yet (Any guesses which one? Did I already tell you?), but it was supposed to be a whole album by now. 

I write them much faster than I can record them.  I’ve got so so much material.  I hate arranging songs.  But what I truly wrestle with is, why am I doing this at all?  There is so very much material out there clambering for your attention already.  Why muddy the water with my own?  What difference ultimately will it make?  Can’t I serve you all better by making extra loaves of sourdough on the weekend, my lockdown art?  A sourdough fairy, spontaneously delivering fresh baked splendour to your door? 

How can I contribute to a society where it is dangerous to sing, and where my fatigue of online platforms is already at a maximum? 

I’m considering some guerrilla gigs— a return to busking, even in chilly autumn, under bridges, on wide paths, where my singing droplets will be dispersed before they hit innocent commuting passerby… 
Lord, grant me the energy. 

It is still like pulling teeth to get material recorded satisfactorily at home.  I’m just not gifted in it.  Kudos to those who are.  Its just not me.  I’m the walk-down-a-dusty-trail-with-a-guitar-and-return-with-a-new-song type (or cobblestone lane, or whatever!); living the human heritage of story songs, sung face to face for those few who show up in my life, and with whom I am brave enough to share. 

Yes, my friends, I miss the magic.  I miss you.  I don't know what to do about it yet, but know that I do truly miss you. 

In other news, Gunnar’s and my song Carolyn is doing really well in Iceland!  We get regular radio play on a national station there as well as several local stations, and the Spotify hits aren’t looking too shabby either.  To that end, we’ve conspired with Arnar Dor, the vocalist who recorded Carolyn, to record a Christmas song that we’ve written.  We have both Icelandic and English lyrics, so, stay tuned for that!! 

Thank you again for all of your support, and especially those who have checked in with me, or asked me where I'm at with recording.  Every bit helps. 


Listen to Carolyn: https://open.spotify.com/track/1LYdAemom0qu0VyRDQqvYB?si=CfFopA3ZS7O4l7NDGeBACA

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