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Wandering Solstice 2020

I don't have any photos for you. Or little videos. Or memes. Just wandering thoughts. I was going to write about distance running, an essay I started in my head whilst driving through the winding peak district yesterday. But today…

FB Live Gig inspired by online Exhibition by Anita van Zyl

My dearest friends, 

This Sunday, I was scheduled to be playing at Bollington Arts Centre for the wrap party of the art exhibition, "Explore", by my friend, painting teacher, and amazing artist Anita van Zyl. 

Due to the extreme situation…

May Comfort and Joy Find You


Are you ready for Christmas?  People keep asking me this question lately.   My heart is ready, though logistics are so not ready!!  

The best part of the frenzy is connecting with so many people.  It’s my favourite…

Notes from Aerynn: Conservation of energy; give and receive.

Dear friends,

This past weekend, instead of performing, I sat in 4 different audiences.  I intended 5 but crashed on the last evening!  The shows were all extremely different in venue, artistic style and reach.  What is it that…

Notes from Aerynn: Returning

Last September I played what would turn out to be my last gig with Steve. 

The venue-- The Button Warehouse.  A vegan cafe, hosting sometimes-evening events with live music, and on the night we played, Spanish tapas.  I met…