From the recording Fall Away (Andy Lowe Remix)

Hope-filled, emotive, dreamy Fall Away was inspired by women escaping exploitation and trafficking in Asia. Andy Lowe creatively re-mixed Fall Away into a downtempo chill rhythmic electronic anthem.
Vocals and Guitar by Aerynn/Erin Brassfield.
Electronic rhythm, bass, interpretation, mix and mastering by Andy Lowe
Piano/keyboard by Steven Farrish.
Musical saw by Natalia Peruz.
Lyrics and music written by Aerynn/Erin Brassfield.
Recorded at Rubber Soul Studios, Stockport, UK, and at Scott Munson Music, New York, NY, USA.
Cover art and photography by Travelling Simon Photography.
© 2018 All Rights Reserved.

Remix Notes: Andy Lowe is a songwriter, musician and audio engineer in Shropshire, UK, who finds creative expression through remixing previously recorded music into new songs, using electronic drums and bass to create a layered sound.
The remix maintains the vocals and keys, and makes use of previously unreleased vocal harmonies, in addition to distorting the musical saw into a completely new instrument.
Aerynn was inspired to write the original Fall Away during a fundraising campaign by Starfish Project, a non-profit restoring hope to women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. Through holistic care programs and social enterprise, Starfish women create beautiful jewelry, and are provided with health care, shelter, counseling, education and vocational training. Thus, a portion of proceeds from Fall Away will benefit the women of Starfish Project. “The journey of releasing Fall Away has crossed oceans and the great mystery of life and death at this point, so release is truly an appropriate term for this single and I’m so thankful to everyone who has been a part of it.” --Aerynn